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Photo No-No! Version 1.4a is available for your purchase and direct download now. It's easy to install and will start working for your family's protection immediately.

Once your payment has been approved, you will immediately be given the choice to Download Photo No-No! if you have not already done so. If you have already downloaded Photo No-No! you will not be required to do so again.

Thank you for using Photo No-No! As a registered user, you will receive all future upgrades to Version 1.x for free!

Note that your Serial Number can only be used on one computer per copy that you purchase.  Buy it now by clicking below.  You will be directed to our web store where you can select the number of copies you wish to purchase and can also receive a backup copy on CD for an additional fee.  Payments are handled by and you will receive an email from  with your Serial Number.

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Alternatively, if you wish to pay via PayPal, click below.  Note that you will only be able to buy one copy at a time, will not be able to purchase a backup CD copy, or use any discounts.  Note that your Registration Code can only be used on one computer.

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Note: For your security, Elex Technologies does not keep your financial information for Photo No-No! customers. All payments are processed by and PayPal.

The setup file is approximately 15.7 MB. For High Speed Broadband users, it will take approximately 3 minutes. Dial-Up modems at 56 KPS will take about 35 minutes.

NOTE:  Make sure your email account is setup to receive an email from and not mark it as spam or you might not receive your registration code!

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